WEGRA Anlagenbau Westenfeld GmbH

Roland Weidner, Managing Director

„Based on the urgent demand to optimize the business process in our competence centre – steel construction, we have decided to use the expertise and experience of Mr Schorsch. … He was deeply involved in the project activities on the following topics:

Optimization of the previous process steps and developing a calculation base for steel construction orders,
Optimization of production process & work organisation (factory layout, technological project),
Performance-based payment model (concept),
Continuous Improvement Process (concept)

The responsible work of Mr Schorsch was always characterized by excellent performance and engagement.

Through his loyalty to our company the necessary basis of trust could arise to implement the upcoming project tasks objectively and consistently in the shortest time. His collaboration with our management and the project team were founded on partnership, objectivity and openness at any time.

Mr Schorsch was indispensable for us with his expertise and his extensive project management experience in the optimization of business processes.

The achieved results by the positive changes and improvements are impressive both in qualitative and quantitative terms. In the common project we reached a productivity increasing of over 16% in competence centre – steel construction.“