Process Management

Potential analysis – Process (re)design – Process reengineering – Result verification – Ensure sustainability

What can, what needs to be improved? Wherein lies the potential and how much it is? Firstly we clarify these and many other questions with you. It is very important for us! – The steps to successful improvement are defined with you and agreed upon. You, your managers and staff are integrated by us very actively in all phases of the project – That’s the only way to become more efficient sustainably.

Together we will reach the goal!





In a start-up meeting, we define with our customers the common approaches and framework conditions. It is particularly important for us to involve relevant executives and employees at this stage already.



Process analysis

In this phase we analyse and evaluate your existing business processes, the supporting systems and methods, the organizational structure and the management skills and behaviour at different management levels of your company. In parallel, we identify the qualitative and quantitative improvement potential, checked and confirmed by your controlling.



Solution Development and Process (re)Design

Together with your staff, specialists and managers we develop the right concepts and actions for measurable recovering the potential for improvement in the identified areas of the company.



Process Optimization

While the process optimization phase we support you and your teams to implement the solutions in practice. In parallel we educate and train all future process owners and process participants to fulfill the changed or new process requirements.



Result Verification and Sustainability

Through a periodical evaluation of the improvements and savings while the entire project we provide you highest transparency in result verification. So we ensure the success of the change process. Also we provide and organize the sustainability of the changes by fixation of the future conditions in the installed quality management of the company.

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