Concentrated Project Management Assessment

Successful and effective project management in the company depends inter alia by the following factors:

  • Recognizing the importance of professional project management for achieving the company goals and the conscious start of the necessary cultural change within the company
  • Effective selection of the PM methodology to be implemented, definition and installation of the required project management processes and elements
  • Comprehensive project qualification of the project managers and project staff
  • Creation of the structural and organizational assumptions in the project environment
  • An continuous development process of the maturity level of the internal project management is implemented

The latter requires a periodic review of the situation in the project operations, in a first step regardless of the nature and scope of projects.

Experiences have shown that a systematic and structured approach exists very rarely in companies to assess their own project-related activities. Even well-known process elements such project review or Project management review are often not consistently implemented. The named reasons are manifold – often is called the lack of time.

The results are unused internal and external development opportunities and wasted potential of qualitative as well as quantitative improvements.

But a first qualitative evaluation must not take too much time.

The concentrated project management assessment is focused to the following key aspects:

(1) Implementation as a workshop,

(2) Inclusion of all levels of the project staff (portfolio, program, project manager, project assistants, project staff, relevant stakeholders), That

(3) Consideration of 5 project phases and 8 essential elements of project management,

(4) Assessment of the existence, application and effectiveness,

(5) Assessment of the expression of cultural conditions in the project area and

(6) Assessment of shaping of multi project management (optional);

(7) The workshop is suitable for a first potential assessment and collection of ideas.

Approx. 2 days are to plan for preparation, conduct of the workshop and the evaluation of results.

As a result of the workshop project phases and project elements will be shown significantly, where development is needed. In addition, areas are shown where influence is necessary, whether PM elements are implemented inadequately, insufficiently applied or not support the work of the project team effective enough.

These are important statements as a basis for the initiation and development of improvement programs and measures.

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