One of my clients became awarded

KURT HAUFE Schweißtechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Dresden, one company of the Abicor Binzel group, was active part of the product development team and is the manufacturer of the awarded products.

The 2013 European Product Innovation Leadership Award for welding torches honors ABICOR BINZEL’s ongoing work to increase benefits for users in the area of manual welding.

Frost & Sullivan is a 50-year-old renowned market research and consulting company with more than 1,800 analysts and consultants and 40 branches worldwide. It monitors more than 300 industries and 250,000 companies and each year honors outstanding product solutions with the Best Practice Product Leadership Award.

Frost & Sullivan cites the useful, positive product features of the ABIMIG® A T LW torch series and the RAB GRIP fume extractor torch series, in conjunction with the FES 200 high-vacuum extractor and the fast market acceptance of these products, as key success factors on the welding-torch market.

Frost & Sullivan’s market analysis compared ABICOR BINZEL products with the welding torches available on the market from other manufacturers. Based on this latest welding-torch market analysis, Frost & Sullivan honored ABICOR BINZEL with the 2013 European Frost & Sullivan Award for product leadership in the area of welding torches.